Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Absence & #ShoutOut to YOUKILLINME.com

Hey what's going on everyone! Sorry for severely disappointing you all in terms of the amount of posting I've been doing lately. Namely...nothing at all. I've been focusing a lot lately on my other blog the SF Tremor, guest work on TranceFamilySF.com, and now posting on a new gag site with my buddy YOUKILLINME.com. If you guys haven't got a chance to check this site out, please do. It's definitely got some gold and a lot of the same hilarity that I've been posting on here. I ain't dead, just have a lot of distractions right now. Please be sure to check out my other blogs by clicking the links above!!! All the support is much appreciated. Love what I do! Happy 2011 to everyone!.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kanye is at it again...

Does this fool think he is Jesus or something? Is he the hip-hop martyr? Is he the #1 target of the media and the music industry? Well...that's the way he sees it. Watch this youtube clip below about a recent show in NY that he did and his eyebrow raising rant...

Is he on that Hennessy again like he was when he jumped on stage with Taylor Swift? Or does he just need his fair share of brown nosing from his loyal fanbase. I honestly don't get it. If he was just so much about his music and not caring about what the media has to say about him, then what's the point of these crazy rants he goes on with in his live shows. He's still a douchebag...plain and simple. His personality overshadows his talent which is a shame. I'd probably appreciate his music more if I didn't know he was a full on tool. Still no toast for the douchebag for you Kanye.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#NowPlaying: Dr. Dre "Kush" feat. Snoop Dogg, Akon

Wowww!! The Doctor is back! A new single from the long awaited Detox has been leaked, and I believe its the official single that will be released because a sample of this is even played on Dr. Dre's own website. Although with all the delays that have happened for this Detox album, who knows what's the real deal for this actual song or if it will even turn up on the album at all. Dr. Dre isn't necessarily a perfectionist as much as I would call him an obsessive compulsive. Either way, this song is hot! Check it out:

Here's another unreleased track from Detox that sadly probably won't make the final cut. I dig it though, even though it has 2 of my least favorite rappers at the moment:

Detox is near...can you feel it? I been missing the doctor!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

San Francisco Giants 2010 Season in Music; Fan Videos

This baseball season has been awesome! In celebration of a great season of trials, tribulations, and triumph of the San Francisco Giants ultimately winning the world series, I found it very heartening that the entire Bay Area has been standing up big time for our favorite boys in orange and black in music. Below are some of more noteworthy selections of music to commemorate this great time in baseball and SF history. It goes to show how great this fanbase really is!

...what a great time to be living in the Bay Area!!


San Francisco Giants Win the World Series!!!

...words I didn't know that I would ever be able to say in my lifetime. This is a truly a blissful moment for Giants fans, the city of San Francisco, and the Bay Area as a whole. In my humble sports opinion, I don't think any team is deserving of the crown more than this 2010 Giants club. They worked hard, they made changes, they were determined, and they never took the doubters to heart. Every sports "expert" out there had the Giants losing every series they stepped up to. The NL West? They had Padres. The NLDS? They had the Braves winning in game 5. The NLCS? They had the Phillies winning in game 6 with one of the "best offenses in baseball" and the fearsome pitching of Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt. The World Series? Predictions of the Texas Rangers' batting hammering on the Giants and Cliff Lee walking all over the offense. Not bad for a band of "characters", "misfits", and "cast-offs" eh? In the end...the final strike was thrown by Brian Wilson and the Giants won the first world series to ever be awarded to the Giants franchise since moving to San Francisco. The party hasn't stopped, nor will it, and all I can say is...well, nothing. I'm speechless. Civic Center was out of control with emotional Giants fans and all that can be said now is still what we've been saying all along... "GO GIANTS!"


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Check out: The SF Tremor!

Hey guys...just wanted to post news of a new blog I have started up in addition to the music rehab clinic. Many of the electronic posts, as I have quite the passion for, seemed to be sometimes a little bit misfitted within the confines of this blog. So I decided to give all those posts a new home at my new blog known as the "SF Tremor". Be sure to check it out if you're into electronic music of any kind. Guarantee it'll have some good reads from time to time...that is all.



I dunno if anyone else has been feeling this way lately...but has Kanye West lost his damn mind? I'm not necessarily the biggest Kanye fan, and anyone who knows me can attest to this, but I can recognize good work ethic and sincere art when I see it and up until this point Kanye has been simply "meh" in my book. The guy doesn't necessarily have legendary raps, but I appreciate the fact that he produces a lot of his own music and doesn't really try to fit the mold of a traditional rapper. That being said, he does some really off the wall stuff to try and stir up controversy and lately this has come to an insane head. I mean...look at his planned album cover...

What the hell is that supposed to be? This isn't art. It's just Kanye trying to stir things up and get people talking again. The sad part is, it's working. People are buying into it and consider him a great artist because he takes risks. The lead recent single "Runaway" which was debuted on the MTV VMA's is another testament to how weird Kanye has become lately. "A toast to the douchebags"....I dunno what it is, but it doesn't seem like rap. I dunno, seems like the man is more about getting people talking these days than making "G.O.O.D." music. Just listen to the "G.O.O.D. Friday" free singles he's released coming up for his album release. Definitely some lackluster material. Oh well, I'm definitely not raising a toast to the douchebag Kanye West.